September 1, 2011

IIT Kanpur Professors on Social Media

I recently came across this blog, which seems to have posts contributed by Dr. Dheeraj SanghiDr. S.G. Dhande, the current IIT Kanpur director. The blog hasn't been very active lately it seems as the last post was made 2 months ago.

This actually set me thinking why are the Professors of IIT Kanpur not active on social media? I have had interactions with Dr. Prabhat Munshi, probably one of the best professors of IIT Kanpur, Dr. Gautam Sengupta on facebook, but besides them, not much really. Though I am connected with a lot of Professors of IIT Kanpur on Linkedin & Academia but I have rarely seen any updates, whereas I also follow blogs, twitter accounts of several professors from Wharton & Kellogg, these are really updated very often & has helped me learn a lot, sitting at my desk!

On the same account, I think Professors of IIT Kanpur should also make a collaborative blog on various interest fields, maybe Nuclear Energy, Physics, Mathematics, Cloud Computing, Neo-computing, Nanotechnology, Manufacturing Sciences, Management Principles, Entrepreneurship (I'd love to contribute to this one) & so much more! I am sure a lot of people around the world, maybe not as many in campus but definitely a lot of them around the world, would love to listen to what they have to say!

Which topic would you follow regularly?

Update : Further brainstorming brought up the idea of forums, post at

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