September 2, 2011

Swati, her dedication, my inspiration

Swati. I don't know why haven't I written this post until now, but I had to write it after our conversation yesterday.

Swati is my batchmate & an amazing friend since freshman year. Amazing person, you'll get to have an idea why, by the end of this post. I love to hang out with her, actually, to be frank, she is one of the those people besides my wingmates, maybe, with whom I have spent the most free time in IIT Kanpur.  I have always admired her self-reliance but lately she has truly been a source d'inspiration extraordinaire.

The single biggest reason for that is her dedication to work. Don't get me wrong, my friend Karthik is also a very hard working guy & I will write a post on his dedication too sometime pretty soon, he has been an inspiration for over 2 years! Swati has lately exceeded limits of my imagination for hardwork (or so I believe). From our freshman year, this is the first time ever, I have not hung out with her for more than 6 months at a stretch. Primarily because she has been totally dedicated to her Masters Thesis. & that is just the beginning, Her sister met with an accident sometime back & that simply reinforced her determination towards her goals, I mean totally totally awesome what she did. I cannot express it, she was disturbed by it, who wouldn't be, but she did not let that break her, rather she faced it & strengthened her resolve. For more than a year everytime I felt like "passing" time, she comes to my mind & I think, work, stop wasting time, start doing some work.

Amazing person, absolutely down to earth, no arrogance, determined, caring (that I came to know from her sister's unfortunate accident) & above all, an amazing friend.

Ode to an amazing friend, Swati.

This is not Swati's caricature, but she used this photo as her Profile picture for a majority of time until September 2, 2011

I'd love to know about people who inspire you, please tell me about them in the comments below.

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