September 14, 2011

P0rn Industry teaching Crowdsourcing to the world!

Learn CROWDSOURCING from them!
I was recently searching for good examples of crowdsourcing & guess what I hit, the P0rn industry! While everyone is thinking how to make money on the internet, even facebook cannot find ways to charge its users, p0rn industry is improvising & leveraging the biggest buzzword, 'crowdsourcing' to make money & get people involved!

Amateur P0rn is probably one of the best examples of crowdsourcing you can come across & something that is moving beyond free p0rn. While searching google I found a case study on how a p0rn website, Xtube has come up with an innovative model for making money & help amateur p0rnographers make money!
Really! A girl in her 20's was actually interviewed in the case study & she made a handsome 600-900$ a month "working out" just 20 minutes every weekend with her boyfriend!

What has Xtube done that brands like Dominos spend millions on, to do crowdsourcing?

Simple, they have given people (viewers) real people having real sex & not just p0rn stars  acting as amateurs which gives them a distinct edge or over others.

But what is more striking is, their crowdsourcing model, which actually allows people to connect with the amateur p0rnstars, know more about them (privacy concerns?) & actually request what kind of sex scene do they want to be enacted the next time! So you can actually write a sex story & have it made & played!

You don't even need a p0rn studio, pretty amazing idea of crowdsourcing  I must say!

Is it working?

The CEO of Xtube said that they have more than 56 million pageviews a day140,000$ of revenue every month! 60% of the revenue is shared with the actors (plus they anjoy the sex which they'd have anyway, plus a lot of them may have voyeur fantasies, so they actually get paid fulfilling their fantasies & getting all the pleasure!)

I'd love to know what you think about this idea? Post in the comments below!
(You can also post your fantasies here, who knows the "stars" might pick up your idea! ;-) )

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