September 21, 2011

New changes to Facebook

You can see another flurry of changes coming on facebook before the f8 conference. Some that I came across in the last 5 minutes listed below :

  1. New Newsfeed : Compete details at the new Facebook News Feed
  2. Photos : The new photos style & the way they appear in your profile has changed & seems to be inspired by Google+ Larger thumbnails, album previews nice stuff! (marked in Dark red)
  3. Weird newsfeed block in the side panel : I have no idea what this is about. (marked in Bright red)
  4. Status Update : Now the status update text box has been hidden & instead 3 buttons, "Update Status", "Add Photo" & "Add Question" have been added. (marked in Yellow)
  5. Removed Profile, Friends buttons : The buttons have been replaced by your name, photo & an arrow for more options. (marked in Green) 
I haven't found any other changes, & btw, if you don't like the new newsfeed & like the old one, you can revert back to the old news feed, details at

What do you think about the new features on facebook & how do you plan to use them?

Tell me in the comments below!

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