September 15, 2011

Facebook's New Features!

Facebook released a lot of new features today! Here's a sum-up of the most important ones :
  • Subscribe option for facebook profiles - This step takes the usual facebook profiles a step closer to facebook pages (in particular Public Figure pages). Now if you want to receive my updates but do not want me to see your updates or I do not accept your friend request, you can still receive my public updates by subscribing to my profile! Just go to my profile & click on the subscribe button, you'll start seeing my updates in your news feed! This is especially helpful for people who have hit the facebook friend limit of 5000 friends, like my friend Dan Gordon or the belle dancer Meher Malik.
Facebook Subscribe button for profiles
  • Share facebook statuses - Long awaited, but here at last! Now you can share facebook updates, so no - via @ anymore! Just click the share button below a status & it'll be shared with your friends! :D
These are 2 of the most important new features I came across. But there are still many more awaited! The most important & the most awaited is :
  • Advanced Notifications for facebook Pages! : If you run a page & engage a community on facebook, you know what I mean! Right now pages & their admins do not receive a notification if an old status or photo on their page gets a comment or something which results in less engagement than there can be!
Hope facebook launches this feature soon!

UPDATE : Today, September 16, 2011 the facebook navigation bar has become omnipresent, like vodafone's pup, wherever you go, it follows.

UPDATE : October 3, 2011 Facebook has announced the launch of a yet another feature, this one only for business pages on facebook, "People Talking About" (that might not be the final name for the metric) which will measure user-initiated activity on a Page, including posting to a Page’s Wall, “liking,” commenting, sharing a Page post or content on the Page, answering a Question posed to fans, mentioning a Page, “liking” or sharing a deal or checking in at your Place.

UDATE : October 5, 2011 (USA) Facebook is removing reviews & discussions tab from October 31, 2011 from all business pages.

What do you think, how does this fit in your scheme of things? Tell me in the comments below

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