September 2, 2011

Entrepreneurship is NOT cool!

Seriously, I have met so many people who try to be entrepreneurs or who try to motivate others to be entrepreneurs because they feel it is the coolest thing to do! DUDE, it is not the same thing as buying an iPhone or an iPad because they are the coolest things around!

This is YOUR LIFE! Don't try to mess with your life just because people might think you are so cool! Don't.

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Be an entrepreneur for the right reasons, trust me I admire entrepreneurs & innovators, I am myself always trying to work up some innovation but not because others would think I am so cool, but because I feel that is the right thing to do at that time.

Don't be an entrepreneur because : 
  • Your friends/family/girlfriend/boyfriend or somebody else will think you are so cool!
  • For the money, & don't tell me look at Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates. If you think that is cool, look at a candyman, he's an entrepreneur & faces hardships, every entrepreneur does.
  • For the fame, tell me how many entrepreneurs do you know? There are at least 1 million more entrepreneurs than that in this world, if being an entrepreneur made you famous, why do you not know of each & every one of them!
Totally not cool!

Most entrepreneurs have to, no matter how good they are or will be, at some point of time struggle & the only ones that stick around during & after the hardships are those who are passionate, hard working & give in their 100% to their idea or venture every moment of their life.

If you can do that, be an entrepreneur, if you want to be an entrepreneur so that people know you are an entrepreneur, don't be an entrepreneur, buy a wrist band or even better a head band that says "I am an Entrepreneur, don't you think I am so cool" & wear it around. It would save you (& others) a lot of trouble.

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