September 1, 2011

Night out of Interaction!

One of my first sessions of interaction with Y11 batch, IIT Kanpur. & its at least a month past their freshers.

Dated August 30, 2011.

I had this lab late in the evening at 2030 hrs., pretty crazy, huh? It was around 2200 hs. by the time the lab was over. I went to Hall 5, Lala Ji ki canteen for dinner. Naman, the Sci-tech. secy was lecturing 1st year junta about Takneek, the intra-IITK technological festival. I joined in the audience to know what's new in Takneek, in the process also started interacting with the freshmen around. P.S. : I don't interact like the usual seniors at IITK, so even if you plan to share the post with DOSA, go ahead.

Started getting to know a couple of freshmen, who still had no idea I was a 5th year :P, by the time even Naman had noticed me. Anyway, I started asking the freshmen about their hobbies, interestingly there seemed to be a whole football team in Hall 5! by this time, Naman's lecture was more or less over &, I presume, the 1st year stayed around me, even though now they knew I was a 5th year, courtesy Naman, because they didn't want to work for Takneek. Yeah, we IITians are lazy. I told them the one thing I always tell freshmen, "PASSION", do what you enjoy & are passionate about, that is all that matters, nothing else does, unless you are planning to beat people or go on a killing spree. Explore your (sane) passions & the numerous opportunities in IIT Kanpur. This had nothing to with entrepreneurship, more like taking initiatives.

Interestingly, by now a lot of other freshmen started joining in the conversation, voluntarily. There was a very good conversation on initiatives, finding your passions, exploring interests & somewhere in between, my ventures. Then Rajat asked me about my companies & how I started them. I told them all about it & then we realized it was already 4 A.M.! Even the canteen had closed. That was when a few of them left the conversation, off to sleep.

But 2 guys stayed on, Andy Murray & a Gurgaon guy, we had a long conversation about MBA, entrepreneurship, by the end of it it was morning, went to MT, had pakodis & chai, then went back to hall 5, this time talking about entrepreneurship with Morey. had breakfast in Hall 5, met Rohit, a Y10 sophomore, in the mess! helped him send an email to Dr. Sarkar for his research interest, came back to my room & finally slept at 1246hrs.!

More than 12 hours of talking, & my first night out of this semester spent on interaction.
Update : 2 of the freshmen have already come up with ideas that they want me to mentor!

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